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Elodie’s Monthly Haul: July Edition

Hello lovelies!

Welcome to my new beauty series called…drum rolls…


In this new series installment, I’ll give you a more intimate access to my beauty habits by sharing with you what kind of beauty products I enjoy. And you’ll see, I’m not the product junkie I used to be, because I did have my own product junkie diva phase…But I’ll address this story in another future article!

I’ve decided to share my new hauls with you to talk about what kind of products I purchase this month. I’m afraid that I’ll focus more on black hair care this month but never mind… You’ll learn some stuff!

Let’s discover my July monthly haul together!

N.B. Please note that the prices below reflect what is going on in France. They may vary in your country.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a commission whenever you click on the links and purchase the products, with no additional cost to you.

Skincare/Body care


cocoa butter


This month, I bought several affordable and essential beauty products for my body. Indeed, I still had skincare products for my face; so no need to buy new ones this month…

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Jar

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula had been a staple in my family for decades. Even when I decided to buy other body lotions, I always come back to this one. I love its exotic cocoa smell and the fact that I can use it at every season. I don’t care if it’s too thick because I have a very dry skin on my body. In France, I bought it for only €7.

Hair care


haircare products


My monthly haul in July consisted in buying many hair products, because I re-assessed my hair routine. Thus, I decided to buy new products to try. Below are the products I bought.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Coconut Milk and Hair Mask (Ultra Doux in French)

I’ve bought these affordable shampoo and hair mask from Garnier because I wanted to see if my hair could handle supermarket brands. Up to now, I’ve always bought ethnic shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for black hair.

Not that I disliked them already, but I had a limited budget this month! So, I wanted to see what these products could do to my hair and so far, I’m not disappointed! I’ll probably write a review of these products one day…

Total: €11 for both products

Serum Multicroissance by Activilong Paris

I guess you don’t know this product, but it’s basically a hair growth serum that you apply on the roots of your hair to stimulate its growth. However, it has a strong menthol smell and it’s quite heavy.

As for me, I don’t use it a hair growth serum but rather as an ingredient of my hot oil treatment. I blend it with avocado oil. I alternate this with other hair treatment including the next ingredients…

Total: €13 for 2 bottles

Neutral henna powder

I’ve heard about the benefits of neutral henna powder and decided to try it. I bought it because I wanted my hair to stop shedding every time I comb it. So far, I’m satisfied.

Stay tuned if you want me to tell you how I use it and if I’ll include it in my hair care routine permanently. For the record, neutral henna is excellent for all hair types.

Total: €6

Light protein treatment

As a person sporting proudly my black natural hair, I must watch the balance between moisture and protein on my hair. That’s why I alternate between a conditioning mask and a light protein conditioner at my wash days.

For my protein treatment, I rely on the ORS Hair Mayonnaise. Honestly, this conditioner is the G.O.A.T. for my African dry hair. Period.

Total: €14 for 16 oz

Hair oils

This month, I bought two oils:

  • The Jamaican Black Castor Oil to make my hair thicker and longer – this oil is very useful in hot oil treatments and deep conditioning masks
  • Palm oil: I’ve never used it and I bought it to replace my usual organic palm kernel oil that my uncle sends me from Cameroon. I used it in my henna treatment and it was okay so far. I’ll see if I continue to use it in the long run

Total: €15 for two bottles of oil

Essential oils

To increase the effectiveness of my hair treatments and wellness rituals, I rely a lot on essential oils. I’ll potentially write about the benefits of aromatherapy in our beauty recipes. This month, I bought:

  • frankincense oil
  • clary sage oil
  • rosemary oil
  • cedar oil

Total: €40 (€10 per oil – yes, I felt the effects of inflation there!)



herbal teas


Yes, I’ll also talk about wellness on this blog. As you know, I believe that beauty is holistic and should include both your internal and external appearance. That’s why I started a detox this month – thought I ruined it today because I bought my nephew and my sister to the restaurant! But I’ll go back to my good habits tomorrow…

Besides changing my eating habits, I bought two herbal teas from the brand Yogi Tea to complement my detox program: the Roasted Dandelion Spice Detox Tea and the Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Total: €13 for 3 boxes of herbal tea



makeup collection 1


Usually, I don’t wear makeup during summertime. I’ll stay in Paris the whole summer and if I wear makeup, my skin will be a nightmare.

Indeed, I have combination skin on my face and whenever I wear makeup when it’s hot, my nose starts shining from afar like a beacon. As I want to avoid it, I abstain from wearing foundation and powder. I’d rather take care of my skin and go out bare skin. Whatever…



monthly haul july


For this first monthly haul, I spent €119! This might sound a whole lot for you, but I can guarantee you that it’s not too much for me. Rather, I’m quite proud of myself because I didn’t go through my former spending disastrous habits as a beauty product junkie diva!

There were months where I could spend up to €600 a day only on beauty products, and I bought the most expensive products I could find just to tell everyone how snobbish I was. I wanted to show that I only had expensive beauty products because I was quite insecure. But now I don’t care!

What matters to me is that the effectiveness of my beauty products, whether they’re expensive or affordable. I hope this article will show you a wonderful lesson, just like it was for me!

That’s all for today! What products did you like in my monthly haul? Did you discover new products in this monthly haul? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Take care!

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  1. Michel Maling says:

    I find as I am getting older, my hair seems to be thining out, especially on the top and I was wondering whether or not I should try a serum to promote growth, I am just not sure what the right one will be for fine sort of bushy hair. Does the Multicroisance one work for all hair types and how much success have you had with it?

    1. admin says:

      Hello Michel,

      The Multicroissance Serum might be quite heavy for your hair type – if you’re Caucasian. Even I, a Black woman, find it too heavy for my scalp! That’s why I’ recommend The Ordinary Multi-Peptides Hair Serum for you – rather cheap, light for the scalp, and effective. Stay tuned because I might write a review on this product! 

      Take care, 


  2. Joseph says:

    That’s quite the hall of new periodically for this month Elodie and I am keen to try at least a couple of them! I neve never tried the jar of Palmer’s cocoa butter specifically but have experienced the benefits of cocoa butter first hand so will be sure to check the Palmer’s out.

    We all know to keep our hair moisturized to keep it as healthy as possible but I had never heard of balancing the moisture with protein. The light protein treatment could obviously be extremely beneficial for those who battle to keep the moisture in balance with protein.

    Is nice to see the essential oils you are using in your daily regimen as well.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Joseph!

  3. Anoth says:

    Hey Elodie!

    Firstly, I’ve got to say I absolutely love this new series you’re starting – ELODIE’S MONTHLY HAUL! It’s a great idea to provide us with a peek into your beauty habits and favorites. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your beauty journey, including that product junkie diva phase you mentioned!

    It was really fascinating to read about your focus on black hair care this month. Your choices from Garnier, Activilong Paris, and ORS were particularly interesting. It’s great to see someone testing out a mix of different products at various price points and sharing honest feedback.

    I’ve also never heard of neutral henna powder before but, based on your review, it’s now on my must-try list!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Anoth!

  4. Steve Steve says:

    I had the pleasure of diving into the article on “Elodie’s Monthly Haul: July Edition” from Beauty by Elodie, and it was a delightful read. Elodie takes readers on a journey through her latest beauty finds and product recommendations for the month of July. Her passion for beauty and skincare shines through as she shares her thoughts on each item, providing valuable insights for fellow beauty enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for new makeup, skincare, or haircare products, this article offers a curated selection of Elodie’s top picks. Thank you so much for the helpful article!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Steve!

  5. LineCowley says:

    It is always interesting to see what other ladies are using as beauty products, and which products they use on a daily basis. But I was surprised to see that you spent 119 euros in one month just on beauty products, and mainly haircare items, as that is way above my budget. Nevermind the 600 euros that you have spent in the past. 

    How long would these products last you, so how often will you have to replace them? Or would they last several months and therefore you can justify the expense? Thank you. 

    1. admin says:

      Hello Line,

      Thanks for your comment! I only wash my hair once a week, so those products will last quite long; at least 3 months or more! And remember I just said that I re-assessed my hair routine so I had to buy all the products I needed. And I’m definitely not helped by the inflation; in France all the prices have risen like crazy! Hope that this answers your question.

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