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Beauty Au Naturel

12 Benefits Of Almond Oil For Beautiful Skin And Hair

Hello lovelies! For centuries, sweet almond oil has been a staple in the kitchens and beauty routines of many women. From Ancient Egypt to China, many women have recognized its potent benefits for skin, hair, and global health. Consequently, it’s not surprising to see that almond oil is still widely used today. And this is …

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Once upon a brand

Inside The Beautiful and Fantastic Story Of Maybelline

Hello lovelies! What if I told you a beautiful and touching story today about a brand we all know? Then, let me start with Maybelline! Today, this brand is famous worldwide. It even has had several famous spokespeople over the years. Among them, we can count Joan Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Adriana Lima. However, Maybelline …

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Beauty in history

8 Surprising Ancient Greek Beauty Secrets

Hello lovelies! Ancient Greece is famous for its many inventions, its philosophers, its fascinating mythology, and its fabulous buildings. But did you know that Ancient Greece was also a society where beauty was a top quality to have? And that’s not so surprising since they invented the gold number for beauty… Whether you watch statues …