15 interesting facts about me


Hello everyone!

My name is Elodie, I am in my thirties and I am a fanatic of everything related to beauty: skincare, haircare, nails, trends, and nutrition linked to beauty.

I do believe that we all have a unique way to manifest beauty, whatever our skin color, background, or budget. We must all strive to present the best versions of ourselves!

Now that we warmed up a little, let me tell some interesting facts about me.

Who I am and what I stand for

1- I am a brown-skinned black woman, meaning that the beauty advice I’ll give will first and foremost reflect my experience. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t relate if you come from a different cultural background.

2- I am in love with natural products, especially oils and homemade masks. If that’s your case, you are at the right place.

3- I believe in holistic beauty, i.e. what you present outside is a direct reflection of what you have inside.

4- I don’t believe that you must ruin yourself to be beautiful. Whatever your budget, you can achieve your highest beauty potential!

5- I believe that your beauty can last if you adopt good habits early in your life. The earlier, the better.

6- I am very interested in spirituality: religion, astrology, numerology…

7- I am a fan of jewelry and precious gems of all kinds

8- I enjoy opera, history, as well as vintage beauty tips and fashion, especially from the 1950s and the 1960s

9- I don’t like people touching my hair, it annoys me

10 – My favorite foods are chocolate and cheese`

11 – I start my day with a routine focused on self-care at every level: spiritual, physical, mental, and professional

12 – I am a huge fan of self-help books and I’ve applied some of their principles in my routine

13 – My favorite TV show is The Crown on Netflix

14 – I enjoy fruits as they are God’s natural sweets on earth – I particularly enjoy berries of all kinds, bananas, pineapples, and apples

15 – My beauty icons are Josephine Baker, Naomi Campbell, and my elder sister – all beautiful and fearless black women! However, I may explore the beauty secrets of some famous white women in history, especially if I admire them, so don’t be surprised!

Let’s keep in touch…

Now you know many interesting facts about me, don’t hesitate to visit my blog and read my articles. Also, you can contact me through my Contact form if you have any question.

And please, enjoy your life because it’s too short. Carpe diem et memento mori!


  1. Remote Vagabond says:

    Hi Elodie, nice to meet you. It is great to read who you are and what you are standing for. I can agree that what you present outside is a direct reflection of what you have inside. I start the day also with some self care, especially some stretching and meditating. 

    1. Thanks Remote Vagabond! It’s also my pleasure meeting you!

  2. Sariyah says:

    Hey a great and interesting post about yourself!

    I like what you stand for, go girl! Plus I can definitely use some of these as tips!

    Chocolate or anything sweet is my favourite! Oh you just reminded I haven’t watched the crown yet though I have been wanting to so I guess I’ll add that to the watchlist!

    Nature products are great plus they’re healthy too!

    It was cool knowing about you! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks!

  3. Hi Elodie!
    I enjoyed reading everything she wrote about you. I agree with you that we should adopt some healthy habits and take care of our body and ourselves. I also like that you love books about psychology just like me.

    Thank you for everything you wrote, there are many beautiful and interesting things to read.

    I wish you to achieve your goals and all the best in the future!

    1. Thank you very much for your well wishes!

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