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Try The Mediterranean Diet For A Better and Vibrant Health

Do you want a vibrant health for good? Are you craving for longevity and a stable weight without following all the latest fads? If this is your case, then I have good news for you. Because there’s a diet pattern that will give you exactly what you need. And that’s the Mediterranean Diet. Chosen as …

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All About Monica Bellucci’s Beauty Secrets

Hello lovelies! Yesterday, we studied the beauty secrets of Poppaea, a Roman empress famous for her incredible beauty. And today, we’ll remain in Italy…except that we’ll examine the beauty secrets of another Italian beauty queen in our modern times. Indeed, Monica Bellucci is just a goddess on the silver screen. Whatever she’s casual, on the …

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Beauty in history

All The Beauty Secrets Of The Beautiful Sabina Poppaea

Hello lovelies! After a previous post on Ancient Rome’s beauty secrets, I decided to give a spin-off to that post. Indeed, we all remember peplum movies where we see beautiful empresses. Just think of Quo Vadis or even Gladiator… Consequently, I decided to explore the beauty secrets of one of these fascinating Roman empresses. She …

Beauty Au Naturel

9 Powerful and Surprising Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil

Hello lovelies! Do you have dry, damaged, and dull hair? Is your skin so dry that you’re desperate to make a change?If this is your case, I have good news for you! Indeed, with argan oil, you will get the results you need beyond your expectations. Called “liquid gold” in Morocco, this wonderful oil brims …