9 Skincare Tips For Dry Skin

Hello lovelies!

When we talk about skincare, there’s no universal routine for everybody. We’re all unique.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t tailor your skincare routine to your skin type. Once you have determined it, you’ll be more comfortable to choose the appropriate products for you!

In the case of dry skin, you’ll have to meet several challenges. And those include flaky skin, wrinkles, itch, and crocodile skin among others. Fortunately, there are many skincare tips for dry skin that will help you with these challenges. Let’s discover them together!

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Forget hot water


skincare tips for dry skin hot shower


Do you enjoy long hot baths or showers? If this is your case, then you should know that they’re bad for dry skin. Indeed, they further dry out skin and worsen your skin condition. Consequently, the American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends you stick to lukewarm showers. Then, come and tell me how your skin is doing!

Cleanse your skin gently


skincare tips for dry skin cleanse


Dry skin is not fit for harsh cleansers like soaps. They’re vintage and may smell good, but they’re not good for your dry skin.

Indeed, they are aggressive for your skin and strip it from the little oil you have. Consequently, you must choose cleansers that get rid of oil and dirt without stripping your outer layer of skin. I recommend you choose a non-foaming cleanser like CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser.

In addition, to cleanse your body, you must also rely on soap-free shower gels or dermatologic bars. The latter is a soap but is much gentler than a classic soap. In particular, I especially like Rogé Cavaillès Extra-mild super fatty soap with milk and honey.

Select heavy moisturizers


skincare tips for dry skin moisturize


How to moisturize your face

Contrary to oily skin, dry skin needs heavier moisturizers as it needs to lock in moisture. Consequently, you must attention to the ingredients of your moisturizers carefully.

For your face, you must choose moisturizers containing vitamin C, squalane, and hyaluronic acid. Indeed, these ingredients will nourish your skin in depth. Also, they will help you to address fine lines and wrinkles.

Another skincare tip for dry skin is to top your face moisturizer with oil. Thus, you will retain moisture while addressing itch and flaky skin. and your skin will glow! I particularly like Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Formula.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a facial oil, don’t worry! You can use a few drops of olive oil and it will do the job!

How to moisturize your body

For your body, forget body lotions! Instead, you must rely more on ointments and heavy creams. Here are the ingredients you must look for in a moisturizer:

  • glycerin
  • urea
  • dimethicone
  • lanolin
  • petroleum/mineral oil
  • shea butter

All these ingredients are effective emollients, humectants, and occlusives that will help you lock in moisture easily. Also, if you’re inclined to more natural ingredients, then you must choose natural butters. Shea butter, cocoa butter, or mango butter…it’s up to you!

Moreover, when you apply your moisturizer, don’t forget to apply it on damp skin. Thus, this will help to lock in moisture lastly. Also, you must absolutely moisturize your skin after washing it. Otherwise, your skin will be flaky and you will feel uncomfortable.

In particular, I recommend you to try Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula if you have dry skin. This lotion has never failed me since my childhood and I still use it today, despite me trying other lotions. I always, always come back to this butter! If you have dry skin, try it and tell me how it went for you!

Exfoliate your skin


skincare tips for dry skin exfoliate 2


Another misconception when you have dry skin is that you must not exfoliate. Well, it’s both true and false. Actually, you mustn’t exfoliate often like oily skin. However, you must remember that dry skin is dull and often lacks glow. Therefore, exfoliation can help in this matter.

What I can recommend is that you exfoliate twice a month, if you use a manual exfoliant. However, you may choose to exfoliate more regularly. In this case, always choose a chemical exfoliant that will gently remove dead cells.

For instance, you may use a glycolic acid toner that will even your skin texture. Also, it will brighten your skin without causing excessive dryness. I recommend The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Resurfacing Solution.

Apply sunscreen


skincare tips for dry skin sunscreen


Let’s be clear: all skin types must wear sunscreen. However, this applies for dry skin in particular because you are more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, you must never forget to apply sunscreen before going out. Indeed, SPF will protect your skin from the harsh effects of sun and other environmental factors on your skin.

Do you wonder what’s the proper coverage for you? Then, you must strive to use an SPF that is 30 or higher. For dry skin, Anthelios from La Roche-Posay is appropriate for you. However, if you don’t have a huge budget for your beauty products, you can buy your sunscreen in your drugstore. But you must absolutely look for the coverage level that I mentioned above.

Don’t forget your lips


skincare tips for dry skin lips


When you have dry skin, your lips generally follow. And your lips tend to be dry and chapped. This isn’t good, especially if you want to kiss your loved ones! That’s why you must keep your lips dewy and moisturized.

Choose lip balms with heavy ingredients that will keep your lips soft and shiny. In particular, I recommend lip balms with shea butter, cocoa butter, or beeswax. And if you don’t have enough money, you can use the good old petroleum jelly!

Avoid harsh ingredients


skincare tips for dry skin lips harsh ingredients


Some ingredients are very harsh and irritating for dry skin. Therefore, you must absolutely learn to read the labels before buying your skincare products. In particular, look to avoid the following ingredients:

  • fragrance
  • alcohol
  • retinoids
  • alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHA)

If you avoid all these harsh ingredients, your skin will retain its natural oils more easily.

Protect your skin


skincare tips for dry skin protect


When you have dry skin, people notice it first on your hands and legs. Thus, you must absolutely protect your skin besides moisturizing it. This is true in winter, but also in summer because you evolve in places that have air conditioning.

Thus, here are some skincare tips that you can apply to protect your dry skin:

  • wear gloves and tights
  • always moisturize your skin with heavy creams after washing your hands
  • choose hypoallergenic detergent to wash your clothes
  • always wear natural fabrics: cotton, silk, wool…

Bonus tip: always wear a tube of hand cream in your bag!

Add moisture in your environment


skincare tips for dry skin humidifier


When it’s dry and cold outside, your skin will suffer. And this is especially true if you have dry skin because the loss of moisture will make your skin drier than ever. Therefore, you may invest in an air humidifier to add moisture in your environment. Turn it on during your sleep and watch the moisture miracle happen in your life!

Elodie’s vanity for dry skin


christy turlington vanity case


Do you want the appropriate products to apply these skincare tips for dry skin? Then, here are the products you will need. As you will notice, I’ve chosen cheap skincare products. Sometimes, they’re even more effective than the more expensive ones!

Summary: what are the best skincare tips for dry skin?


skincare tips for dry skin 2


The best skincare tips for dry skin are rather simple. However, you must apply them regularly to watch some results. I sum up these skincare tips for you:

  • forget hot water
  • wash your skin with gentle cleansers
  • use heavy moisturizing formulas for your face and body
  • exfoliate your skin gently
  • apply sunscreen religiously everyday
  • moisturize your lips
  • select the right ingredients for your skin type
  • protect your skin
  • use a humidifier

Well, that’s it for today? What do you think of these skincare tips for dry skin? Do you apply some of them in your daily routine? Don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below!

Take care!

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  1. Carol Barnes says:

    This blog post about dry skin skincare was great. This resource offers dry skin sufferers a plethora of information and assistance. Lukewarm showers are better than hot ones since hot water can worsen dryness. What’s the best water temperature for these showers? Which shower length is ideal for dry skin?

    The moisturizer ingredient list is useful. Heavy moisturizers with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid can help dry skin. Are there any moisturizers with these ingredients recommended? Learning about dry skin’s exfoliation frequency and kinds is helpful because many people think exfoliation is bad for dry skin. Are there any dry-skin exfoliating products you recommend?

    Sunscreen is crucial for all skin types, so I enjoyed the emphasis on dry skin. Can you recommend dry-skin sunscreens? The air humidifier suggestion is great for winter. What air humidifiers work well in this situation?

    Thanks, Carol

    1. admin says:

      Hello Carol, thanks for your comment ! I do recommend products in my vanity-case. For the shower temperature it’s 37° C and no more than 10 minutes!

  2. Michel says:

    Once again Beauty by Elodie has come to the party with some fabulous tips for treating dry skin. I have dry skin, and I know I need to use heavy or nourishing moisturizers daily, but I had no idea that hot showers and baths can dry out your skin even more. I will also need to examine the soap that I use to make sure that it is a gentle formulation.

    Would you say oil or cream is best to put on your skin after a shower?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment! For dry skin, I’d recommend a cream!

  3. Marita says:

    Hi Elodie,

    Dry skin really needs extra care. Aside from those external products that you can use, I believe drinking lots of fluids especially water is a must, together with good nutrition, including lots of fruits and vegetables.

    Fortunately, my skin is on the normal side, but with winter and frequent washing of hands, lotions and moisturizers are a must for daily use.

    For people who have chronic illnesses and who are older, dry skin is also quite common. You’re right, ordinary lotions don’t help- they need creams on their skin.

    Thanks for this helpful article.


    1. Thanks for your comment Marita!

  4. Demi Foster says:

    Thank you for sharing these valuable skincare tips for dry skin. Maintaining proper skincare routines for different skin types is essential, and your advice is both practical and insightful.

    Could you provide some guidance on addressing specific skin concerns, such as flakiness and fine lines, through the use of targeted skincare products or routines, especially for those with dry skin?

    1. OK no problem! Noted!

  5. Anshu says:

    I do struggle with dry skin.  Thank you for posting this article.  I also have a lot of chap sticks that I need to start using.  I also heard shower heads can also cause dry skin as well, if you don’t replace them.  I also use aloe vera for my skin whenever I get razor bumps or just general dryness.  I also like drinking water can help a lot with my skin, as it helps moisturizes the skin.  i do consume foods high in vitamin E, such as avocadoes, which are good for dry skin.

    1. admin says:

      Good! Thanks for sharing !

  6. Ray Robinson says:

    This site is very informative and well put together with strong emphasis on each product,  I can not think of anything I would do different. You have pointed out the key factors as well as the Pro and Cons of each product. I give this 100 percent for the layout and the information .

    1. admin says:


  7. Claude, Admin says:

    Hi there,

    These skincare tips for dry skin are truly informative and practical. It’s important to take care of your skin, especially when it’s prone to dryness and other issues. I appreciate the emphasis on using gentle cleansers, heavy moisturizers, and the reminder to apply sunscreen regularly. Protecting your skin and keeping it moisturized in various ways is crucial. Do you have any additional tips for individuals with specific skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis, which can be exacerbated by dry skin? Sharing some insights on addressing those conditions could be beneficial. #SkincareTips #DrySkinCare



    1. Hello Claude thanks for your comment ! I jeep thé eczéma issue for another post…

  8. BelleX says:

    Hi Elodie!  I really enjoyed reading about all the different skin types.  As I get older, I feel my skin is moving more into the sensitive area.  I was prior to that combination.  There are just so many products on the market, it really is quite confusing to decipher between them all.  I think it’s always essential to spend money on skincare, I always have and believe at almost 50 I look younger for it.  Lots of water is key to replenishing your body from the inside out.  Thanks again for the informative read!

    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome !

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