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6 Products You Need in Your Makeup Collection

Hello lovelies!

Makeup is an art. As women, we all think that we master it. However, like many art fields, you have many called and few chosen. You just have to watch all the makeup videos with women putting a whole lot of makeup. Sometimes, certain beauty influencers can’t hardly be recognized without all this makeup.

Don’t worry: I won’t name names!

Do you rely on makeup videos to learn the new trends? Are you afraid of bad taste makeup? Then, your situation is not hopeless.

All you need is getting the right products for your makeup collection. This article will help you to choose the makeup basics you need without spending too much money.

More specifically, I’ll talk about six products you need to include in your makeup kit:

  • primer
  • tinted moisturizer
  • concealer
  • mascara
  • brow gel
  • lip color

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First and foremost, you need a primer as a baseline for your makeup. Indeed, the primer smoothes your skin, making your skin more even. It creates an invisible film on your skin, thus making your foundation looking better as it adheres on your skin. Also, the primer protects the skin from the absorption of makeup pigments. Thus, it creates a barrier that prevents water from evaporating.

Once reserved to professional makeup artists, primer has become more democratic over the years. Indeed, it has found a place in the closet of many women, according to their skin needs. In particular, glow-enhancing and pore-minimizing primers have been the successful formulas these last ten years.

However, you must keep in mind that most primers contain silicons, thus explaining the smoothing properties. But in the long run, silicons can also smother your skin and creates imperfections. Consequently, you must use a primer only for special occasions: marriage, parties, events, or during sport. You don’t need a primer for nude and light makeup on a day-to-day basis.

How to apply your primer?

Apply your primer after cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Take a small quantity and apply evenly on your face before your foundation.

Tinted moisturizer


tinted moisturizer


Do you dream of a radiant and dewy skin without using a full coverage foundation? Then, a tinted moisturizer is just what you need.

Indeed, a tinted moisturizer will even your skin tone while infusing it with extra hydration – unlike a classic foundation. Because it combines natural glows and natural makeup, tinted moisturizers have known a tremendous success with women during the past twenty years. ┬áIt is especially perfect for athletic activities and in humid climate. In those contexts, thicker makeup might be too heavy and clog your pores.

Before using a tinted moisturizer, you must consider these two elements:

Element #1: Extra hydration doesn’t equate moisture

Though tinted moisturizers provide extra hydration, they don’t replace your regular moisturizer. Thus, it’s very important for you to moisturize your face with your usual cream before putting your makeup on. Then, add an extra layer of your tinted moisturizer on your face.

Element #2: Limited tints

Unlike foundations, tinted moisturizers offer a more limited range of tints. Therefore, you must ensure to find the product that works best on your skin tone.





Are you desperate to hide your imperfections? Then, you need a good concealer! Indeed, concealer helps you to hide various skin imperfections. Those include dark circles under your eyes, age spots, acne, scars, or skin discolorations.

Concealers are generally more pigmented than regular foundations. For this reason, makeup professionals always recommend you choose one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. Moreover, they come in various formulas: creams, liquids, powders, and sticks.

If you use it correctly, a concealer will improve your skin and make it look flawless. Here are some cases where a concealer will be extremely useful:

  • hiding dark circles under your eyes
  • hiding blemishes
  • brightening and highlighting your skin
  • contouring
  • defining your eyebrows and the contour of your lips
  • preparing your eyelids before applying eyeshadows





If you want to elevate your look, mascara is the best makeup product to do it. Made with polymers, silicons, waxes, and pigments, mascara will make your eyelashes look darker and longer. By contrast, the whites of your eyes look brighter and whiter.

At its inception, women used to apply mascara with a wetted brush, from a cake. Though I enjoy vintage makeup and techniques, I found this practice wasn’t hygienic at all. Thank God for modern mascaras with viscous cream and innovative brushes!

In 2023, mascara with faux lashes effect will be trendy. You may benefit from innovation within all brands to find the mascara of your dreams, whatever your budget is.

Brow gel


brow gel


Many women neglect their brows when they apply their makeup. And they’re wrong to do so. Indeed, your brows express your personality and shape your face. And that’s why you need a brow gel to highlight your brows.

A brow gel is basically a kind of mascara for your brows. It comes in several forms, but all these forms have the same purpose: make your brows look fuller all day long. And the good news is that brow gels are very easy to apply! You just have to follow these steps:

  • desaturate your brush from extra product
  • brush it in the opposite direction of your hair growth to apply the pigments
  • then, apply it in the direction of your hair growth to smooth your brows back

Lip color


lip color


Over the last centuries, women have always tried to draw attention to their lips. Indeed, they thought that they would be more attractive and noticeable. Whether you like lipstick, tinted balm, or lip gloss, your lips will always be better with a pop a color. They also enable you to express your unique personality and style.

By the way, always choose the ones with moisturizing properties to avoid chapped lips over color. I’ve tried a vintage lipstick once and I understand why Marilyn Monroe had to wear Vaseline on top of her lipstick. They were really drying for the lips!!!!

Summary: what products do you need in your makeup collection?


makeup collection 2


Makeup applied with good taste enhances and flatters your features. That’s why you must choose the best products for your makeup collection. Here are the must-have products you need to include in your closet from now on:

  • a good primer for special occasions,
  • tinted moisturizer for a natural look,
  • concealer to hide all sorts of imperfections,
  • mascara for longer and darker eyelashes,
  • brow gel to make your brows fuller,
  • and lip color to stand out in the crowd.

If you have these products in your makeup collection, I guarantee you that your makeup will always be flawless and on point!

That’s it for today! Do you have these above mentioned products in your makeup collection? What are the other makeup products you can’t live without? Share your views in the comments!

Take care!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I always appreciate women who wear makeup in thinking they have to be a great artist to apply it. But when you break your topic down in showing how you only need 6 main products in your kit, it makes me take back that statement. It’s not just about being an artist, its about application and techniques as well, and that changes everything!

    That said, I will show this article to my daughter who wants to get into make-up, I’m sure she’ll appreciate all the tips you have given within the article.


    1. You’re welcome Jeremy!

  2. Parameter says:

    Lip colour and mascara are the first things I look out for in a ladies’ makeup collection. You will agree that the lips call more attention than any other part of the face. As such, lots of ladies put more attention to helping it come out beautiful. The mascara is the number one tool to help elevate your face as you pointed out. I must say a big thank you. You pointed me to the best gift for my wife this valentine’s – Makeup collection kit.

    1. Wow thanks!

  3. I don’t wear any makeup but my wife is a big makeup shopper. This article was really helpful because now I can speak to her about all these product types when she brings it up. Your article was concise and insightful. I really appreciated the summary at the end. Thank you for sharing your expertise! 

    1. You’re welcome Vai!

  4. I must admit that I’m one of those people who watches those makeup videos with the hopes that someday I’ll be able to apply my makeup as well as the influencers. But I did appreciate you breaking down the basics of what we should include in our routine because I’m really tired of spending unnecessary money on products that I probably will never use. 

    With so many different cosmetics on the market, it can seem overwhelming in terms of what one really needs. The stores are just flooded with so many choices! I generally use all of the products you’ve mentioned except for tinted moisturizer. Generally, I use foundation. I don’t know why, but I guess the name of tinted moisturizer was kind of making me unsure of what it was designed to do. But after reading your thoughts, maybe I’ll have to give it a try so I can get that dewy look.

    Thanks for sharing your pro tips. This is so helpful.

    1. You’re welcome Lee!

  5. When I am in the mood, I like to play mix-and-match with my makeup to see which ones are best suited for certain occasions. But I often get frustrated when I do not achieve the look that I want. And yes, I rely on YouTube, Facebook, and TitkTok because I have no idea what I am doing, lol. 

    Although my favorite makeup YouTuber always applies a primer before the foundation, I never thought I needed one. Thanks for confirming that it’s only advisable to use it on special occasions. But a concealer is a must-have for me and I apply it to hide dark circles. But would it be okay to apply concealer daily?

    By the way, you said that brow gel is also one product I need in my makeup kit, but I use eyeliner instead. This is because I do not actually know how to properly use it, lol. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hello Alice! Thanks for your comment! Yes you can use concealer daily, no problem.

  6. Have to say that I’m a little surprised about how much goes into doing the makeup the right way, and understand why my girlfriend returned some of the gifts she got. Insightful and detailed, showing not only the importance of what we buy, but also how to use it, apply it. With what I just learned, I’ll try to get her another makeup gift and maybe will not get returned. Thank you for all the info!

    1. You’re welcome !

  7. Sariyah says:

    Hey a great post!

    I found this very interesting to read since it is a topic of my hobby. I am not going to lie I have many of these essential items except primer and concealer which I have been meaning to purchase. Especially since learning its importance on elongating makeup performance. As for concealer, I usually use my foundation to do the job!

    Tinted moisturizer along with brow is a must for me!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    1. Thanks for your comment and have a great day!

  8. Daniella says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for sharing this list of products from the makeup collection. I really needed it. I have black under my eyes, and it’s been a long time now that I have been looking for a way to hide it because I always look tired. The concealer is what I need; I’ll try it out. Just have a question about the brow gel. Is it waterproof? What if it rains the brow gel…will it leak?

    Thank you again, and looking forward to hearing from you.

    1. Hello Daniella,  yes you have waterproof brow gels. 

  9. I have watched many videos showing how to apply makeup on you-tube. I love it when the artist does one side of their face with the “dos” and the other side with the “don’ts.” You can see the difference.

    I appreciate your advice on primer and using it for special occasions. It seems that primer is pushed as a must-have beauty product. 

    I find that I can’t live without my brow gel. As we get older, we need it more. 

    Thank you for the helpful information. I will pass this on to my friends. 

    1. Thanks Susan!

  10. LineCowley says:

    Reading this post has made me realise how important it is to be using a primer, if you want to look your best. I never knew it created an invisible film, and that it can make your foundation look better. This is a product that I will certainly add to my makeup bag. 

    I really like the idea of a tinted moisturizer, as I often find in hot weather that I don’t want to use anything heavy on my face. But do you have a recommendation for an organic or natural tinted moisturiser that I can have a look at? Thank you.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Line, thanks for your comment! For the tinted moisturizer, I recommend Iman’s BB Cream. It’s an inclusive brand which has several shades, from the clearest to the darkest skin tones:….

      Hope that it helps

  11. ziya rose says:

    Thank you for sharing your tips on simplifying the makeup routine. I came across your blog while searching for ways to moisturize my dry skin, and I appreciate the helpful tips you provided. Your explanation of the different makeup basics, such as the primer, tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, brow gel, and lip color, was informative and easy to understand. I found your tip on using a tinted moisturizer interesting and valuable, especially since I want a more natural look. Thank you again for sharing your expertise.

    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome Ziya!

  12. Louise Allen says:

    I love make up and anything to do with cosmetics. I don’t think there’s a single day that I don’t do something different when I apply make up. I like the fact you have covered everything from using a primer to applying a lipstick.

    Age spots are my biggest battle now. That’s the longest part of my routine- trying to cover one up on my face. Some days are better than others and I like the tip you gave about always using a shade lighter.

    I stopped using foundation as I feel it aged me so I use a cover stick instead, just where it’s needed.

    I was introduced to an eyebrow shadow many years ago at a hair show, and although I no longer use the powder, I have continued to use a pencil that I apply lightly to each brow. It’s amazing how much it lifts the eyes.

    Thanks for this info. Will bookmark for future reference.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Louise!

  13. Brian Hudon says:

    A lot of females put in a lot of time and effort into wearing makeup and a lot of males don’t understand the whole purpose. Makeup can help to build a woman’s self-esteem, confidence and make them feel even more beautiful.

    It’s great to know the use and purpose of different makeup tools and products. Best part is knowing you mostly need 6 basically which gives a great gift idea to give to any females who are into makeup.

    This is also a great article to give to sometime who want to start using makeup.

    Amazing work and thank you for sharing.

    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome!

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