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7 Main Makeup Trends to Follow in 2023

Hello lovelies!

As 2023 is on, fashionistas and beauty addicts are looking for the new makeup trends for this new year.

And if you’re one of them, you might be surprised. Why? Because we will experiment both futuristic vibes and lapses into the past.

Transparence, boldness, and robotics will influence the makeup trends during this year. And it’s not so surprising because the Aquarian era is already on…And it shows on the makeup habits as well.

But a return to an era that I thought gone forever? This shocked me very much…But without further ado, let me introduce you the main makeup trends to follow in 2023.

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The 90s are back


90s makeup


I was a child and a pre-teen in the 90s. So I thought that the 90s makeup trends and habits were a thing of the past. But I was wrong. The more I study fashion, the more I believe that it actually follows a cycle.

This year, the fashion cycle sees the balance tipping in favor of the 90s. And that decade had many makeup trends that are making a resurgence, such as:

  • bold lips and eyeliners
  • metallic and frosted eyeshadows
  • grunge makeup
  • body gems
  • bronze and purple lipsticks
  • flashy blush
  • monochromatic makeup

If you want to emulate these 90s makeup trends, I recommend you look for celebrities’ pictures of that era. Then, get inspiration from them but don’t try too hard. Your goal is to remain current while taking inspiration from the past. You shouldn’t be completely outdated!

Bold lips


bold lips


Bold, shocking, and shiny. These are the words that will describe the lip makeup trends in 2023. The lips will even stand alone, while the other parts of the face (brows, face, lashes) will be kept clean and lightly groomed.

As a consequence, you must expect a resurgence of bold lipstick colors. Indeed, red, orange, and purple hues will largely dominate the makeup trends in 2023.

Metallics from the future


metallic eye makeup


Metallics won’t be popular only on your nails. Indeed, the disco era is also making a bold comeback on your eyelids!

The futuristic hues of metallics reflect the conversation around the increasing influence of AI, robotics, and new technologies in our lives. As a result, it also has an impact on the current makeup trends as well.

Therefore, don’t shy away from silver and golden metallics when choosing your makeup palettes!

The Euphoria effect


euphoria effect


I’m not a huge fan of Euphoria, but I have young cousins who are. And they reported me the face and body embellishments that the heroins of the series wear on their skins.

If you’re ready to experiment face and body embellishments, then 2023 is your best year! Incorporate gems, pearls, and glitters of all shapes and sizes during your beautification process, especially for the evening.

You’re a little short on your budget but still want to experiment these embellishments? Then, no worries! Don’t hesitate to invest in self-adhesive rhinestones. And the good news is that they’re not expensive at all!

Siren eyes


siren eyes


This makeup trend comes straight from TikTok. This is even adopted by many celebrities, such as Zendaya.

I’m not generally fond of all the makeup trends coming from social media. But this one is gaining in popularity and helps you express your dark femininity. And I’m all for it!

To achieve this look, you can buy high-technology liners to keep your feline eye on fleek.

Natural glow


natural glow


After many years of high coverage foundations, all complexions will finally take a break this year. Consequently, we will see a higher rate of transparency in makeup, while looking for natural glow. For this reason, no- makeup products will be one of the main makeup trends in 2023.

Focus less on heavy foundations, and more on lighter options such as tinted serums, moisturizers, and sunscreens. They will give you a natural and glowing skin, while needing minimal blending…unlike classic foundations.

Experimental brows


experimental brows


After the domination of bushy and natural brows, you may experiment with your brows again. Some celebrity makeup artists like Melissa Hernandez even predicts that thin eyebrows will make a huge comeback. Like in the 90s…

However, we have also seen many celebrities with bleached brows on the red carpets and magazine covers. One of the best examples is that infamous Interview cover featuring Kim Kardashian.

To be fashionable this year, don’t hesitate to experiment with your brows. Whether you want to keep it thin or bushy, that’s your choice! Just remember one thing: your brows are an important part of your look and personality. So, just be yourself.

Faux lashes effect


faux lashes effect


Faux lashes have been a lasting trend right now, for better or for worse. However, for those who don’t like the idea of applying them, there’s good news. Indeed, you can still achieve a dramatic look with your own lashes! All you need to do is using the right mascara.

Many new mascaras contain volumizing ingredients to help you get the closest equivalent of faux lashes. As a huge fan of mascara myself, my favorites are Diorshow and Hypnose by Lancome.

In addition, if you want to maximize the faux lashes effect, just follow these two tips:

  • apply a double dose of mascara on your top and bottom lashes
  • curl your lashes first to obtain a lasting impact

In conclusion, the 90s makeup trends will make a huge comeback in 2023. We are on the edge of choosing between futuristic and vintage makeup trends. Whatever makeup trend you want to choose in 2023, do it in style and stay yourself!

That’s all for today! Do you follow one of these makeup trends? Share in the comments below!

Take care!

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  1. Liam Tremblay says:

    Hey, good to see your post again. Well, I’m a big fan of natural glow. I think it would always be one of the trends as it was, you mentioned the details. About the brows and the lashes, well, I think both can have a direct and necessary effect on your looking be careful to be yourself and not exaggerate a lot. You have mentioned good details about the main makeup trends. I loved some of them. Thanks so much.

    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome Liam!

  2. pasindu dimanka says:

    I’m a strong supporter of a healthy glow. Due to the fact that you highlighted the specifics, I believe that it will continue to be one of the trends. Concerning the brows and the lashes, first of all, I believe that both might have a direct and essential effect on your overall appearance. Take care to remain authentic while avoiding going overboard with your exaggerations. You have provided some helpful information regarding the most prominent cosmetics trends. I want to thank you for the amazing essay. I will most certainly pass this along.

    1. thanks!

  3. Mila Andretich says:

    I loved to read your article, because i discover that 2023 makeup trend is for me! I’m appassionate of metallic eyeshadow and i have used it for many years… now I will be on trend! Is some particular metallic color that you advice in 2023 for a blue eye 46 year woman? Thank you!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mila, thanks for your article! For your make up, it also depends on your hair color and your skin tone. I would definitely recommend gold, green, and all warm tones like orange or red/pink. I’ll write an article about makeup according to your colorimetry. Stay tuned!

  4. Jannette says:

    It amazes me how fashion from the 70s, and 80s, made a comeback, and not the makeup is coming back with the 90s look. In the early 90s, I had just learned about makeup from a makeup artist that taught me how to apply the makeup correctly, and never stopped using the 90s look even after my daughters say I am old-fashioned. My oldest daughter is the makeup expert in the family, sometimes she goes back to older looks even after saying I’m old-fashioned. Am sharing your article on social media and tagging her so she can read this. 

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Jannette!

  5. John says:

    Interesting overview of the makeup trends to expect in 2023. It’s fascinating to see how beauty trends evolve, and this article excellently illustrates how past trends can cycle back into fashion. The 90s makeup resurgence, with its bold lips, metallic eyeshadows, and grunge aesthetics, is a surprising yet welcome comeback.

    It’s also intriguing how social media platforms like TikTok and series like Euphoria influence current trends. The suggestion to embrace face and body embellishments, however experimental they might be, captures the spirit of modern beauty trends, which encourage individuality and creativity.

    The emphasis on the natural glow and the trend toward lighter, skin-friendly products is a refreshing shift in the beauty industry that promotes self-care as well as beauty.

    Lastly, the advice given to readers – to take inspiration from these trends while staying true to oneself – is a very balanced approach to the often overwhelming world of beauty trends.

    I don’t use makeup but with having a teen daughter I found this to be a good read!

    1. admin says:


  6. Sariyah says:

    Hey thank you for this helpful post!

    It was a great and interesting read since I am a massive fan of makeup and love reading and learning new tips especially ones that keep up with the trends. It is interesting to see the fashion trends from the 90s are once again being current and re-emerging.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome!

  7. Sandi says:

    Love love love your article! It was very entertaining and informative. I love the new backwards trends. Seems like everything comes around again, doesn’t it? hahaha

    Not a fan of the bushy brows or the almost vinyl look of the lips trends, but I can get behind some of them. 

    All in all a good article and good use of the web site.

    1. admin says:

      thanks Sandi!

  8. Herman says:

    Fashion is a constantly evolving industry, with trends that come and go. However, it is interesting to see how certain styles from the past are making a comeback. Specifically, fashion from the 70s and 80s has been popular in recent years, with bell bottoms, high-waisted jeans, and oversized blazers all making a comeback. 

    Now, it seems that makeup is following suit, with the 90s look making a comeback. This includes bold lip colors, thick eyebrows, and smoky eyes. There are a few reasons why these older styles are making a comeback. For one, there is a sense of nostalgia associated with these eras. Many people who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s have fond memories of the fashion and beauty trends of those times. 

    Additionally, there is a desire for individuality and self-expression that is driving people to explore different styles and looks. It is also worth noting that social media has played a role in the resurgence of these older styles. Influencers and celebrities who embrace these trends can help to make them more popular and mainstream. 

    Additionally, social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok make it easy for people to share their own interpretations of these styles, which can further fuel their popularity. Overall, it is fascinating to see how fashion and beauty trends from the past are being reimagined and embraced by a new generation. It just goes to show that everything old can be new again!

    1. admin says:


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