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5 Habits of People With Great Skin

Hello lovelies!

Some people seem to struggle to have great skin, while some seem to be born with it. Isn’t life unfair?

Indeed, every time we open a magazine or we scroll across social media, we see women with great skin all around. And if you are in a position where you’re not comfortable in your own skin, you can easily be discouraged.

If you are in this position, you must know that having a great skin is not impossible. Actually, it’s even easily achievable in the long run. And no, I’m not talking about adding filters on your social media pictures.

Rather, I’m talking about the five main habits of people with great skin, that are open secrets. Are you ready to listen to them? You won’t regret it!

Hydrate your skin inside out


drink water


Great skin starts from within. Consequently, when you hear many celebrities saying that they owe their great skin to their water intake, they’re not entirely wrong.

Indeed, water hydrates your body while flushing it from toxins. Moreover, if you rely mostly on sodas rather than water, you skin tends to lose its elasticity in the long run. Therefore, water is the best solution to get a heathy and glowing skin.

Don’t hesitate to drink your 2 liters (64 oz) of water anymore to reap its benefits for your skin. And there’s more good news: it’s one of the cheapest beauty secret in this article!

Besides water, you must also moisturize your skin with your favorite cream. Indeed, a good moisturizer is key to protect your skin’s natural oils. Also, it is an effective barrier to shield you from environmental elements.

However, you must choose the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type. In addition, you must carefully choose the active ingredients that will help you reach the glow of your dreams.

For instance, retinol is great to combat acne and premature wrinkles, while boosting collagen. But it’s photosensitive, so you may use more during your nighttime routine. On the other hand, antioxidants (vitamins A/C/E) and omega-3 fatty acids repair your skin from sun damage and boost your radiance.

There are many ingredients that will help your skin to be flawless, healthy, and radiant. If you want to get more information for your personal case, ask your dermatologist or your beautician.

Protect your skin at all costs




We all know that we need sun exposure to synthesize vitamin D in our body. Therefore, sun is our best friend, right? Well, you’re wrong. According to the American Cancer Society, reckless exposure to UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin. Also, it can even cause more skin damage, such as:

  • leathery skin
  • dark spots
  • hyperpigmentation
  • sunburn…

For all these reasons, you must absolutely adopt sunscreen in your daily beauty routine. And the sooner, the better. It will act as a protection from unwanted sun damage and from premature aging. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you must choose sunscreen that is water-resistant with SPF 30 minimum. This is the best choice as it must stay on your skin all day.

Do you hesitate on the sunscreen to choose? Then, you may find the appropriate protection in moisturizers, foundations, and powders. Just keep in mind that you must protect your skin from the sun and the appropriate solution for you will appear!

Eat a balanced diet


foods for a beautiful skin 2


Have you ever heard the saying: “you are what you eat”? Well, you must also know that you skin is a direct reflection of what you eat. Besides water, eating the right foods can do wonders for your skin. Eat a balanced diet with natural foods: fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, and proteins. You can find the right foods for your skin in my previous post here.

However, there are also foods to avoid I you want great skin. Sugar is one of them, as it is inflammatory. And if you’re a fan of deli, you may eat them from time to time.

Get your beauty sleep


beauty sleep


What if Sleeping Beauty owed her radiance to so many years of sleep? Indeed, sleep is an underrated yet powerful secret you can add to your beauty routine. But why is sleep so important?

According to many experts, sleep is important because of the production of melatonin induced in the evening. This hormone makes us feel sleepy and boosts the blood flow in our skin while we sleep. It’s also responsible for restoring our collagen levels. If your skin looks healthy and rested when you wake up, you know that melatonin did its job!

On the contrary, improper sleep makes us appear tired and dull, while having several negative effects on our immune system. Indeed, lack of sleep contributes to skin issues, such as:

  • redness
  • dark circles around your eyes
  • puffy and red eyes
  • deep wrinkles
  • saggy skin

The only solution is to get your 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Don’t be a night owl as I used to be because I wanted to have a great career. It will damage your skin in the long run.

Also, there’s more: you must sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles. That’s a beauty secret I learnt from a famous French royal mistress during the Renaissance era. I will talk about her in a future post, so shhh…But can you guess her name? Tell me in the comments!

Adopt a strict beauty routine


beauty routine


Did you know that great skin was the result of self-discipline? If you want to obtain the best results, you need to go through a daily beauty process. You must know that great skin doesn’t appear overnight, it is cultivated. I’ve read somewhere that a new habit took at least 22 days to form. Therefore, you must religiously adopt the following beauty habits:

  • cleanse, tone, and moisturize twice a day – and don’t skip these steps
  • remove your makeup every night before going to bed
  • exercise every day
  • adopt a beauty routine depending on your skin type
  • avoid popping your pimples
  • rely on natural products whenever you can
  • take the right supplements daily when necessary

If you follow these beauty rules, you will see the results quite fast: a healthy, glowing, and radiant skin!

Bonus: Don’t smoke!


no smoking


I know you’re an adult and you don’t need to be lectured on the dangers of smoking. Don’t worry, I’m completely aware of that. However, I must expose what are the costs of smoking on your skin, beauty, and overall health.

Indeed, smoking deprives your body of oxygen and other nutrients. Therefore, the results of smoking are:

  • a dull and unhealthy skin
  • a pale skin
  • an uneven color of skin tone
  • premature wrinkles

And concerning premature aging due to smoking, I have trivia to share. I have an aunt who was very beautiful as a young woman. But she was a heavy smoker, and despite the opinion of my grandfather and her husband, she continues to smoke.

As you all know, some say that “black don’t crack”. Well, this wasn’t true for my aunt. At 50, she was already cracking all over the place, when her cousins and sisters still appeared young for their age. The moral of the story:   don’t start smoking. And if you do, find the courage to stop.

Summary: great skin is not born, it is made


habits of people with great skin 3


Finally, the habits of people with great skin are not unattainable. However, you need to implement them in your daily routine to see effective results. These habits are:

  • daily hydrating your skin inside out
  • protecting your skin through sunscreen
  • eating a balanced diet
  • getting proper sleep
  • adopting a strict beauty routine

And if you could stay away from toxic habits such as smoking, this would be extra wonderful for your skin!

Well, that’s for today! What do you think of these five habits of people with great skin? Have you implemented them in your daily routine? Please share in the comments below!

Take care!

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  1. LineCowley says:

    What a great post to remind us all that we can have good skin, if we work on it and develop good habits. I do drink a lot of water, and people often comment on the fact that my skin looks young for somebody that is in her early sixties. 

    But the best thing that I did more than forty years ago, was to quit smoking, and it was to a large extent because my mom’s younger sister was a smoker. I used to look at her skin and think I don’t want to have such old skin when I am not even fifty. 

    So very good advise!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you!

  2. Mila Andretich says:

    I agree with all your article, but not with the last one. Many times, people were  born with better skin than other ones. But you are right, that also these people may improve their skin by making actions you describe.  What about use of essential oils? I have many positive experience with them and add them to my daily routine.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Mila,

      Nice idea of post! I’ll share an article on the benefits of essential oils for skin…

  3. Graham says:

    Great advice and advice that people really do need. This is a great way for people to get started and makes it easy by breaking it down into simple-to-follow steps. Water is so important but way too many people still drink soft drinks instead of water and miss out on a vital source of oxygen and energy too in water.  A great addition to share could be about reducing or removing our acidic drinks intake to keep a higher alkaline state within the body which keeps your body in prime condition. Its also been proven cancers can’t survive in a highly alkaline state body. Well laid out and easy to read and follow. Keeps you going to find out the rest of the tips. Great share and great site well done.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you!

  4. Aly says:

    It is true that having great skin seems to be a natural gift for some people, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to achieve for others. In fact, having great skin can be easily achievable in the long run with consistent habits. 

    A good start is to hydrate your skin inside out by drinking enough water, using the appropriate moisturizer, and eating a balanced diet with natural foods. Additionally, protect your skin from the sun at all costs by using sunscreen and get your beauty sleep to boost the blood flow in your skin while you sleep. Finally, adopting a strict beauty routine is the result of self-discipline and the key to obtaining great skin.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. admin says:

      you’re welcome Aly!

  5. Joseph says:

    I absolutely love this article you have written Elodie discussing the five habits of people with great skin! For the majority of my life, my skin has given me problems to varying degrees with acne and other clogging of the pores and I hope to be able to employ these habits to better control these issues that I’ve been having.

    Hydration is paramount but I believe likely overlooked by most with below par skin and possibly the one step that can be taken which will result in the quickest turnaround in skin health.

    Suncreen protection should also not be overlooked as it can be a leading cause of skin problems when neglected.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Joseph thanks for your comment! And I totally agree with you!

  6. Wallace says:

    Wow, this blog post is fantastic! As someone who has always struggled with my skin, I really appreciate these tips for maintaining great skin health. It’s so helpful to have specific habits to focus on, rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the different advice out there.

    I especially love the emphasis on hydration and nutrition. It’s easy to forget that what we put into our bodies has a huge impact on how we look and feel.

    Thank you for sharing these tips! I’m feeling inspired to make some positive changes in my skincare routine.

    1. admin says:

      thanks for your comment!

  7. Brian says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your article. Skin truly is the secret to youth. Almost daily I have someone that is amazed that I am as old as I am. The reason to me is clear, every title of every paragraph of your article I am currently doing and doing consistently. There is no doubt that hydration, sleep and good foods are definitely key methods. I have tried many creams over the years and some have come and gone but, as you mentioned, it’s the routine that matters. The other two I would add that make a huge difference for me are limiting alcohol and I use a red light machine every night before bed for 10 minutes. What do you think about those additional strategies? Thanks for the article! Brian

    1. admin says:

      Hello Brian, your other strategies are very interesting as well !

  8. Lizzy Stabel says:

    I have a lot of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. I think it is partly because I have light brown-reddish hair, but also because I was to often in the sun when I was a kid and my parents didn’t use sunscreen, because during the 70’s, no one was talking about sun damage. Anyway, these days I try to implement these 5 habits as much as I can, but are there any products that can get rid of those dark spots still now or do I need to speak to a dermatologist to get them removed? thanks!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Lizzy! Go to your dermatologist first for your dark spots. Always!

  9. ziya rose says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this informative blog post. I really appreciate your knowledge and insight into achieving great skin. I agree entirely that true beauty starts from within, and I’m trying my best to adopt healthy habits such as drinking more water and eating a balanced diet. However, controlling cravings for sugary treats such as cake and sandwiches is a struggle for me. Nonetheless, your tips on protecting skin from sun damage and getting enough sleep are helpful, and I’m excited to incorporate them into my daily routine. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.

    1. admin says:

      you’re welcome!

  10. Blazej777 says:

    Hi and thanks for sharing this great article! Yes I agree 100% that hydration is very important for our skin. Our body is mostly the water so it should keep the proper balance. The same for diet. Our skin needs a vitamins and fruits and vegetables are a great source of all the necessary vitamins. Everyone who smokes should definitely stop smoking immediately. I remember when I was smoking, my hands were very dry. When I stopped, my skins started looking much better and hands came back to normal.

    1. admin says:

      Wow, thanks for sharing your experience on smoking!

  11. Jennyse Velez says:

    It’s amazing how simple tweaks in our daily routine can make such a huge difference. Your tips on staying hydrated and avoiding sun exposure really resonated with me, as I often forget to drink enough water and wear sunscreen. 

    I have a question about exfoliation: you mentioned that people with great skin tend to exfoliate regularly. How often would you recommend exfoliating for someone with sensitive skin? I’ve been hesitant to incorporate it into my routine for fear of causing irritation.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights, and I’m excited to make these habits part of my skincare journey!

    1. admin says:

      you’re welcome Jennyse!

  12. Jenny Hennig says:

    I’m drinking water right now!  LOL!  I try my best to drink 2 liters of water a day, as it really helps improve my skin and makes me feel better.  As a long-time sufferer of acne, even into my adult years, I know how important it is to take care of your skin by eating healthy, avoiding processed foods and sugar, and even dairy.  I also use gentle cleansers that won’t irritate my skin any further.  It took me a long time to figure out a proper skincare routine, I just wish I had known all of this in my younger years.

    1. admin says:

      hello Jenny, thanks for sharing!

  13. Sylvia says:

    It’s all so simple and yet why is it so hard to follow? I’m guilty of just wanting a magic formula in a bottle but I’m really going to start with being better about drinking more water. It is the one common advice for almost everything, including weight loss.

    Have the skincare routine down and try to eat somewhat healthy. I don’t smoke either.

    Any favorite sunscreen product you use? I need one that doesn’t burn my eyes.

    1. admin says:

      Good question…I know Avene and skinceuticals sunscreens these are good quality products…

  14. pasindu dimanka says:

    What a wonderful message that tells us all that we can have nice skin if we focus on it and build healthy habits. I do consume a lot of water. This is a terrific method for folks to get started since it breaks things down into easy-to-follow steps. These guidelines for keeping good skin health are quite helpful. It’s so much easier to focus on certain behaviors rather than feeling overwhelmed by all of the diverse recommendations available. Thank you so much for your fantastic information. I will undoubtedly share this.

    1. admin says:


  15. Lisa says:

    I love how this post emphasizes the importance of both inner and outer skincare habits. It’s refreshing to see a focus on self-care and wellness in addition to topical treatments. I never really had a skin care routine, but I am learning that the older I get the more I need one. Hydration is something I am working on.

    I’m curious, have you found any natural remedies or specific products that have worked well for maintaining healthy and glowing skin? 

    Lisa Marie

    1. admin says:

      Hello Lisa Marie ! Stay tuned as I am planning to tackle this question on my website !

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