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7 Beauty Travel Essentials You’ll Need Every Summer

Hello lovelies!

So, you’ll finally travel this summer? Great! Are you going to the beach or the mountains? Will you visit a city or relax in the countryside?

Whatever your vacation projects are, you’ll need to always take care of your skin. Indeed, going in vacation in exotic places (or not) doesn’t mean you should neglect your skincare routine!

That’s why you will need to pack some beauty travel essentials in your luggage. Here is my personal selection that I share with you, due to my personal experience. Ready to discover them? Let’s do it!

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Water inside out


water inside out beauty travel essentiels


I know I repeat myself on this blog, but water is your best ally to keep your skin plump and youthful! Consequently, you should never lack water in your luggage. Of course, you should drink more water to remain hydrated from inside. Also, I recommend you to bring a water spray with you to refresh your skin in case the weather becomes very hot.

However, you must be aware that water is not always safe in some countries, even if it’s mineral water. In those cases, either you buy water in local supermarkets (but it might be very expensive), or you drink other hydrating drinks. For instance, you can rely on smoothies or fruit juices. Anyway, you must always foresee some money in your budget to buy water. Always!



sunscreen beauty travel essentials


Sunscreen is another beauty trip essential you always need to carry with you everywhere. Indeed, it enables you to protect your skin against sun damage. And if you go to a destination where it’s really hot, you might even consider a stronger SPF than usual.

From my personal experience, I believe that all skin tones need sunscreen. For instance, my elder sister has a beautiful dark chocolate skin tone. But she caught a horrible sunburn during holidays in Martinique. Unfortunately, she thought that she was immune to sunburns because she was darker than everyone. But the sun reminded her that this was not the case.

Consequently, please always remember that the sun can be a great friend for your health, but also a formidable foe for your skin. If someone told you that you didn’t need sunscreen because of your dark skin tone, be aware that the person lied to you. Always bring sunscreen everywhere you go!

Hair oil


hair oil beauty travel essentials


A hair oil will help you protect your hair against damages caused by the sun, sea salt, and other environmental factors. If you have dry hair, or if you will go swimming in the beach often, I recommend you take coconut oil or monoi to protect your hair. Of course, you can take other oils, according to your preferences and the reaction of your hair. It’s up to you!

Bug repellent


bug repellent beauty travel essentials


Well, it’s not exactly skincare product. However, a bug repellent will be extremely useful to prevent mosquitos and other bugs from attacking your skin. This is especially true if you go hiking or if you go a tropical country.

Try to take the organic kind to be gentle to your skin, especially when it contains lemongrass. However, if you don’t have enough money to buy organic bug repellents, those you can find in drugstores are fine.Don’t forget to spray your bug repellent on your face, your arms, and your legs. You can put some on your clothes as well.

Aloe vera gel


aloe vera gel beauty travel essentials


If you get a sunburn during your holidays, then you need to pack aloe vera gel as a beach beauty essential. Indeed, thanks to its soothing and repairing properties, aloe vera will accelerate the healing of your skin. Your sunburn will be soon a bad memory! However, to keep its properties intact, put your aloe vera gel in the fridge.

Sheet masks


sheet masks beauty travel essentials


Introduced by Korean beauty aficionados, sheet masks have become a staple in many women’s skincare routine, including me! I especially enjoy sheet masks for their soothing and relaxin properties, while infusing active ingredients in your skin.

During your vacation, you can bring hydrating masks or vitamin C sheet masks to bring your inner glow to life. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Light makeup


light makeup beuty travel essentials


If you’re like me, wearing makeup during summer is out of question. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t, especially if you go out at night. Always have a tinted moisturizer, eyeshadows, some mascara, and a lip gloss at hand. otherwise, for those who shun makeup during summertime like me, a well-moisturized skin and a lip balm will be your best adornment.

If you don’t have a lip balm at hand, use petroleum jelly to treat your dry and chapped lips. It’s cheap and effective!

Bonus: a hat and light-colored clothes


hat beauty travel essentials


Always wear a hat to protect your hair and your skin from the sun. And if you have to visit a city, light-colored skin will help absorb the sun more easily. Thus, you need to favor colors like white, soft pink, light blue…well all the pastel colors. It’s not a coincidence that pastel colors are called summer colors in colorimetry, but this is atopic for another article in this blog. So, stay tuned!

And a last tip: don’t forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun!

Summary: what are the beauty travel essentials you need during your holidays?


beauty travel essentials 2


To conclude, here are the beauty travel essentials you need to bring during your summer holidays:

  • water inside out to keep you hydrated,
  • sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage,
  • a hair oil to protect your hair from environmental damage,
  • a bug repellent to protect your skin from insect bites,
  • aloe vera gel to help you heal your potential sunburns,
  • sheet masks to soothe your skin,
  • light makeup for your evening whereabouts,
  • and appropriate clothes to protect you from the sun.

Well that’s all for today! What do you think of my list of beauty travel essentials? In your opinion, what would you add to this list? Feel free to share in the comments!

Take care!

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  1. mike says:

    Wow, this blog post is a fantastic guide for anyone planning a summer vacation! The author has provided a comprehensive list of beauty travel essentials that are both practical and essential for maintaining healthy skin and hair while enjoying your holiday.

    I completely agree with the emphasis on staying hydrated, both internally and externally. Drinking plenty of water is crucial, but having a water spray on hand to refresh the skin is a great tip, especially in hot weather. I would love to know if anyone has tried any specific water sprays and their experiences with them.

    Sunscreen is undoubtedly a must-have, regardless of skin tone. The author’s personal story about their sister’s sunburn serves as a powerful reminder that everyone, regardless of how dark or light their skin is, needs protection from the sun. I’m curious to hear about other people’s experiences with different brands of sunscreen and their recommendations.

    The suggestion of using hair oil to protect hair from sun and environmental damage is brilliant. I wonder if anyone has tried different oils and found certain ones to be more effective or better suited for specific hair types?

    Including bug repellent on the list is a great addition. It’s essential to protect our skin from mosquito bites, especially in tropical regions or when engaging in outdoor activities. I’m interested in hearing people’s opinions on organic bug repellents versus non-organic ones and whether they have found any particular brands to be more effective.

    Aloe vera gel is a fantastic suggestion for soothing sunburned skin. It’s great to know that it can help accelerate the healing process. I’d love to hear if anyone has any personal experiences with using aloe vera gel for sunburn relief and if they have any specific recommendations.

    The inclusion of sheet masks in the beauty travel essentials is a delightful suggestion. Sheet masks are not only great for hydrating the skin but also for providing a relaxing and pampering experience. I’m curious to know if anyone has tried specific sheet masks and found them to be particularly effective or enjoyable.

    The advice on light makeup and tinted moisturizers is spot on. It’s important to let the skin breathe during summer but still have the option to enhance our natural beauty. I would love to hear people’s recommendations for their favorite tinted moisturizers and lightweight makeup products for summer.

    The bonus tips of wearing a hat, light-colored clothes, and sunglasses are essential for protecting the hair, skin, and eyes from the sun. I’m curious to know if anyone has any specific recommendations for stylish and effective sun hats or clothing brands that offer UV protection.

    Overall, this blog post provides a well-rounded and practical list of beauty travel essentials. The author’s personal experiences and tips add a touch of authenticity and make the suggestions more relatable. I’m excited to hear what others think of this list and if they have any additional items or experiences to share. Happy travels and take care of your skin and hair!

    Warm Regards

    M.T. Wolf

    1. admin says:


  2. Nicole says:

    I know that’s a fact!! I love this article because it gets straight to the point but is also very helpful. I think something people often forget is that you need to stay hydrated above all else! If you do not do this then your fun summer vacation can take a turn for the worst. Especially if you are in an area where you will be sweating a good bit, it is of the utmost importance that you drink WATER. I also agree that light makeup is key. Plus, makeup primer that has sunscreen in it can also be a lifesaver for those of us who burn easily! 

    I love all of your work!! Thank you for creating such an amazing site. 

    All the best, 


    1. admin says:

      Thanks Nicole! All the best too!

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Great article! Taking care of your skin while on vacation is so important, and you’ve provided some fantastic beauty travel essentials. Hydrating from the inside out with water is crucial, especially in exotic places. Bringing a water spray is a smart idea for hot weather. Sunscreen is a must for everyone, regardless of skin tone, and I appreciate the reminder that even darker skin can get sunburned.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Jeffrey!

  4. Ibrahim says:

    I will be sharing these guidelines with my female friends around the world. Would it be appropriate to add how to select the best foot wears as part of beauty travel essentials? Think of a hypothetical scenario where someone living in the United States didn’t think of bringing her Wellingtons for her summer vacation in the tropics. Its the middle of the rainy season in the tropics when its summertime in Europe and America.

    1. admin says:

      Yes the appropriate footwear is a nice idea ! And thanks for sharing !

  5. Elodie,

    Thanks for providing such a treasure trove of tips to make our travel time more enjoyable. In fact, I will make sure to refer back to this amazing post and use it as a checklist. Sometimes, we forget to drink enough water to keep our skin plump and youthful. You have got everything covered: hair oil, sunscreen, and Aloe Vera and more. I’ll be looking forward to more articles like this.

  6. Rachele says:


    Thanks for providing such a treasure trove of tips to make our travel time more enjoyable. In fact, I will make sure to refer back to this amazing post and use it as a checklist. Sometimes, we forget to drink enough water to keep our skin plump and youthful. You have got everything covered: hair oil, sunscreen, and Aloe Vera and more. I’ll be looking forward to more articles like this.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Rachele !

  7. Parameter says:

    Thank you for coming up with this beauty travel essentials. I really appreciate your mention of sunscreen. I will be visiting some Africa nations late this year. It can be really hot in some cities. My last visit was hectic. With a good skin protection I will be able to move around and achieve more result. Also water can be another challenge as we really can take enough

    1. admin says:

      Nice resolutions! And thanks for your nice comment!

  8. Jenny Hennig says:

    I totally agree with this list of beauty travel essentials!  I always make sure to have water everywhere I go, whether I take it with me or buy it on the go, it’s my number 1 essential.  I love how you mention carrying a water spray to spritz your face when it’s hot out, what a great idea!  Sunscreen and sunglasses are important to protect the eyes and skin from harmful UV rays, and to prevent any premature wrinkles, I always make sure to pack those items.  Thanks for sharing this list, I’ll be referring to it when I pack my bags for my summer vacation to the cottage in the next few weeks.

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Jenny!

  9. LineCowley says:

    Protecting your skin from the harsh summer sun, while also staying hydrated, are the two most important factors for me when I start thinking about summer holidays. I do tend to drink a lot of water all year round, and even more so during the hot seasons, so I always travel with a reusable water bottle that I can easily refill when I have a source of safe water. 

    Although I love being in the sun, I am not fond of using sunscreens as most are not good for water creatures and the environment. Do you have a recommendation for an organic sunscreen that is approved not to harm aquatic life? Thank you.

    1. admin says:

      Hello Line, I will look into your request and talk about it in another post !

  10. Herman says:

    Great Blog. Summer is here, and that means it’s time to take extra care of our skin. The sun’s rays can be harsh and damaging, but with the right beauty routine, you can keep your skin hydrated and protected all season long.

    In this essential summer beauty guide, we’ll share tips on staying hydrated, the importance of sunscreen, and how to achieve a fresh, natural look and that means it’s time to update our beauty routines to protect and nourish our skin during the hot and sunny days.

    In this essential summer beauty guide, we will explore the importance of staying hydrated, protecting our skin from the harmful effects of the sun, and incorporating light and long-lasting makeup into our summer looks.

    Whether you’re lounging by the pool or exploring new destinations, these tips will keep you looking and feeling your best all summer long. So grab your favorite sunscreen and get ready to dive into the world of summer beauty!

    1. admin says:


  11. John Topping says:

    Hi Elodie,

    I am a 67 retired male so I am probably not the type of reader you are targeting. However, I found it interesting all the items a 30-something woman requires to go outdoors these days. I’m glad you included sunscreen but don’t forget a hat. The sun will age you quicker than anything.

    Cheers John

    1. admin says:


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