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The Importance Of A Proper Hair Care Routine

Hello lovelies!

Generally, a new year is the opportunity to take new beauty resolutions. And I’m sure you decided to take better care of your hair this year. And guess what? This is an excellent resolution!

Indeed, your hair is central to your appearance, as it is sometimes the first thing people notice about you. Your hair is even a measure of your physical beauty and attractiveness in every culture I’ve encountered.

That’s why you must take care of your hair like mini babies. And in doing so, you’ll need to define a proper hair care routine. In this article, I’ll show you why defining a proper hair care routine is important, and how you can do it without hassles.

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Unlocking the Secrets to Healthy Hair: An Essential Guide


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Getting healthy hair is the main reason behind the importance of hair care. Indeed, having bouncy and shiny hair is often seen as a sign of vitality, fertility, and beauty. Therefore, you must know all the secrets of healthy hair before creating the proper hair care routine you need.

Why taking care of your hair is important

Do you think that hair care is merely a question of vanity? If this is your case, let me tell you that you’re wrong.

Indeed, hair care is critical not only for your appearance, but also for your hygiene, your well-being, and your overall health. Since your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, you’d better keep your healthy.

For instance, when you take care of your hair properly, you will notice the following advantages:

  • boost of your self-confidence
  • prevention of premature hair loss
  • vibrancy and good health of your hair

Moreover, the state of your hair can give significant clues about your health. Indeed, it reflects the state of your diet, and if you get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to ensure that your body operates in the best conditions.

Different hair types, different needs

Now that I have shown you the importance of a proper hair care routine, you must wonder if you can all apply the same routine. And no, you can’t!

Actually, there are as many different hair types as many women. Some will have dry hair; and some will have oily hair. Also, some women may have damaged hair, depending on the treatments they do on their care (relaxers, color, extensions…).

Therefore, you must choose a hair routine that will address the specific needs of your hair. And for this, you must absolutely know your hair type; and what kind of products you need.

Why an individual hair care routine is critical

But there’s something even more critical. Indeed, if you and your friend have the same hair type, your hair might not respond similarly while using the same products. That’s why you need a personalized hair care routine that will be specific and personalized for your own hair.

Moreover, don’t look up to celebrities to do your hair; even if you seem to have similar hair type. Generally, they employ the best hair stylists in the market and they used expensive products that are sometimes out of your means.

Now, if you don’t know your hair type, don’t hesitate to ask your hair stylist for advice. If he/she knows you well, he/she will be able to advise you correctly on the products your hair shaft needs.

In this article, I will offer in-depth insights on what you need to get the proper hair care routine your hair needs. But in case of doubt, I advise you to visit a professional that will guide you (your hair stylist, a dermatologist, and/or a trichologist).

The Foundations of Hair Health: Understanding Your Hair’s Needs


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Before determining the proper hair care routine for you, you must absolutely understanding your hair, and what it needs. Thus, after this first step, creating your hair care routine will as simple as ABC!

Understanding the biology of hair and scalp health

First and foremost, we must review our biology lessons about the constitution of hair. Hair is composed of a protein called keratin, and grows from the follicles located under your scalp. Moreover, the size of your follicles is pre-determined; and dictates the thickness of your hair.

Your hair is composed of hair bulb, which produces the hair; and your hair shaft, which is the visible part of the hair you have your head. The hair shaft is divided into three parts:

  • cuticle: responsible for your hair shine
  • cortex: responsible for your hair pigmentation
  • medulla made of transparent air spaces and transparent cells

Understanding your hair growth cycle

Also, you must understand the growth cycle of your hair to fix the potential problems you may face with it. This will especially useful if you feel that your hair doesn’t grow; or if your hair sheds a lot.

The hair growth cycle encompasses three main phases:

  • anagen phase: your hair grows during 3 to 5 years. It is important to remember that your hair grows half an inch a month, whatever your hair type is.
  • catagen phase: a short transitional phase that lasts 10 days
  • telogen phase: the hair falls out until the hair growth cycle repeats itself again

Do you experience hair loss or hair thinning problems? Then, this means that your hair growth cycle is disrupted by underneath reasons, such as dietary or medical conditions. Consequently, it is critical to watch what you eat and to consult a dermatologist, if need be.

Identifying your hair type and its specific requirements

Now that you understand the basic biology of hair, you’ll be able to identify the specific needs of your hair. But for that, you need to determine what’s your hair type. Fortunately for you, I already addressed this topic in a previous article. Don’t hesitate to read it to determine your hair type; and the recommendations you need to follow.

Recognizing the role of a proper diet and hydration in hair care

Did you know that the health of your hair starts from within? Consequently, you must take care of your diet to get beautiful hair. Let me tell you about my own case. I’m born with a head full of hair. However, I had had the diet of a teenager for several years: processed foods, fast foods, and sugar every single day.

As I gained weight, my hair also paid the price of my diet. indeed, my hair became dull, thinner, and lifeless. I couldn’t even make the hairstyles I used to do without being ashamed of myself!

But when I reviewed my dietary habits, and that I incorporated healthier foods such as Omega-3, protein, fruits, and vegetables, my hair appearance changed for the better. That’s why I really urge you to watch what you eat to get beautiful and vibrant hair. If you need to know the proper foods to eat, I’ve written an extensive article about it that you can read here.

Moreover, I will never stress enough the importance of water in your diet. Indeed, water hydrates your entire body from within, including your hair. If you take your proper water intake, I can guarantee that your hair will be significantly transformed. Thus, I recommend you don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Preventive care: how to protect your hair from damage

Before you define a proper hair care routine, you must at least reduce or eliminate habits that damage your hair. Thus, you will put your hair in good conditions to receive the TLC it needs. Here are some ways to protect your hair from damage:

  • reduce or eliminate the use of chemical treatments on your hair (relaxers, color, keratin treatments…)
  • cut the use of heating appliances (curling iron, strengthening iron, hair dryers…)
  • don’t always wear the same hairstyles
  • avoid hairstyles where you pull your hair back very tightly (e.g. buns)
  • only comb/brush your hair when you style it

Crafting Your Hair Care Routine: From Basics to Brilliance


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Have you defined what your hair needs? Good for you! Now, it’s time to craft your hair care routine according to your own needs.

Establish your personalized hair care routine step by step

At this stage, you must plan your hair care routine. You can do it within an overall beauty routine plan; or define a separate hair care routine. Whatever the decision you make, you must define what you will do on your hair daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

If I have another advice to give you, it would be to keep your hair care routine super simple. The simpler your routine, the better. Here is an example of my own hair care routine for 4B hair:

  • Daily: moisturize
  • Weekly: shampoo+deep condition+protective styling (braids or twists)
  • Monthly: pre-wash treatment (henna/caramel treatment)
  • Yearly: take hair supplements twice a year (in spring and fall)

As you may see, my current hair routine is quite simple! But you must also have the proper products to follow your hair care routine. And that’s where you lust be careful in your choices.

Select the right products for your mane

Always choose your hair products that will suit your hair type and main concerns. At a minimum, a good hair care routine includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, and styling products. Be careful to choose products that will suit you, and not according to ads you see or that your girlfriends use.

Moreover, if I have another piece of advice to give, I would urge you to read the labels of your hair products. Indeed, you may be allergic to some ingredients, or your hair might not react very well to them.

For instance, one of my best friends and I have the same hair type and we both use coconut oil in our deep conditioner. We decided to do so when we read many articles about the benefits of coconut oil for Type 4 hair.

Though my hair was striving with coconut oil, hers wasn’t. In fact, coconut oil gave her flakes and scabs on her scalp. So, she had to stop using coconut oil and use another oil.

See, you must always observe and listen to your hair, not external validation – unless you got it from a professional.

Be consistent with your hair care routine for optimal results

Don’t expect to see immediate results when you start your hair care routine. You must be consistent and patient to observe positive results, especially if your hair is damaged.

Many women are very impatient nowadays, and believe that you should see effects of their hair products right away. And when they don’t see the results they want , they start saying that the products are scams!

Please lovelies, don’t be like that! If you’ve chosen the right products for your hair type, then be patient and treat your hair with the utmost care. I advise you check the state of your hair every three months to analyze your progress. And always be positive!

Enhance your routine with specific expert tips

Besides your usual hair care routine, you may enhance it with specific practices that will enable you to keep healthy hair. Depending on your hair type, you may follow the following tips:

  • regular trims to keep your hair fuller and even (all hair types)
  • deep conditioners to deeply moisturize your hair shaft (Type 4 hair)
  • protective styles (braids, buns, weaves, wigs, extensions…) to give your hair some rest from regular combing and styling (Type 3 and 4 hair)

If you need more guidance on the expert tips you need to apply on your hair type, don’t hesitate to ask your regular hair stylist for advice.

Safeguarding Your Hair’s Future: Sustainable Practices and Advanced Care

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Should you upkeep your hair care routine with innovations?

As you may know, we see many hair care trends flourishing on social media. In particular, you will see influencers using new products, new styling products, or even new steps in their hair care routines. Though it is always nice to try new things, I’ll urge you not to keep up with the Joneses.

And this is especially true if you have found what’s working for you in the long run. Close your eyes, don’t listen to the new trends that will die as fast as they started. And keep moving!

For instance, I’ll take the use of hair grease in the back community. For many years, hair grease and/or petroleum-based products were a staple in many black households for hair care. Then, when the natural hair movement started, many threw their hair grease out, saying that it was toxic for their hair shaft.

Several year later, many black women I know are returning to hair grease. Why? Because what worked on an influencer with Type 3 hair didn’t work on women with Type 4 hair. Also, the pandemic was a deep eye-opener because many women started paying attention to their hair care budget.

So, if you encounter an innovation in hair care, you can embrace it and include it to your hair routine. However, don’t radically change your previous hair care routine, especially if it had given proven results on your hair!

Adapt your hair care routine to environmental changes and aging

Moreover, you must adapt your hair care routine to seasonal changes, as well as aging. For instance, you may use lighter hair products in summer and heavier products in winter. And when you age, you may fight hair thinning with specific supplements, and hair treatments.

I remember that one of my aunt always had beautiful hair in her 50s. When I asked her what she was doing, she replied that she added specific scalp serum in her daily routine to boost her hair shine and thickness. And she added that her hair stylist recommended that product to her, and she was more than satisfied!

If you hesitate about the products you need to use during each season, ask your hair stylist.

Don’t neglect the psychological benefits of maintaining a healthy hair care routine

Did you know that proper hair care could boost your confidence, and your overall success? As you know, beautiful hair is critical in a woman’s appearance as a whole.

When you hair is well taken care off, you will be more confident in society, whether you go to a social function or to a job interview. In a few words, include your hair in your overall image overhaul if need be!

Embrace your journey of hair care as part of self-care

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I put a huge emphasis on self-care. And a proper hair care routine should be a part of that. Many women find that they have an energy boost after going to the hair salon. And this is true!

Taking care of your hair can be soothing and therapeutic as well. Consequently, don’t hesitate to book some hours in your busy week to pamper your hair, just like you would do for your face. I can recommend you to treat your hair with a kind of at-home spa if you can’t afford to go to the hair salon regularly.

Take time to shampoo, condition, and massage your scalp if necessary. Your hair will thank you in the long run!

Conclusion: why a proper hair care routine is important for you


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A proper hair care routine is extremely important for your health, your beauty, and your self-esteem as well.

Don’t hesitate to take care of your hair, and take baby steps if you find it overwhelming. The most important in beauty is the destination, but the journey is also important as well! So, take action today to get the most beautiful hair you can.

Recommended resources

To define a proper hair care routine, I recommend the following resources:

Andre Talks Hair by Andre Walker – for all hair types

Ultra Black Hair Growth II by Cathy Howse – for Type 4 hair (natural and relaxed)

Well, that’s all for today! What do you think of the importance of a proper hair care routine? Feel free to share your comments below!

Take care, lovelies!

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  1. Conner says:

    In my opinion, taking care of your hair is incredibly important for several reasons. Firstly, our hair is a reflection of our overall health and well-being. By maintaining a regular hair care routine, we are not only ensuring that our hair looks good, but we are also promoting its growth and vitality.

    1. admin says:

      Yes indeed!

  2. Jesse says:

    I appreciate the emphasis on individualized care. I’m curious about your thoughts on adapting hair care routines to environmental changes and aging. Could you provide some specific recommendations for adjusting routines during different seasons or as one ages? How does the choice of hair products vary based on these factors, and are there particular ingredients or treatments that become more or less essential with time and changing climates?

    1. admin says:

      Thanks for your comment ! For specific recommendations for seasonal changes, you must take a look on the links I have done in the article. I will develop age issues in another post

  3. Corey says:

    This article raises some interesting points! I’ve been struggling with maintaining the health of my hair, especially with frequent coloring and styling. Could you recommend specific products or natural remedies that are effective for damaged and color-treated hair? Also, are there any particular techniques to apply these products for optimal results? Thanks in advance!

    1. admin says:

      Hello Corey I take your question for a future article !

  4. Sariya says:

    Hey a great post you have here! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

    I particularly found your post to be interesting since I have been trying to work out how to get my hair nice and tame and of course be healthy. After reading your post I have discovered that I need to develop hair routine that caters towards my hair type! Keep up the work!

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Sariya !

  5. pasindu dimanka says:

    I loved your insights on the importance of a proper hair care routine. It’s true that we often underestimate the impact of a good routine on the health and appearance of our hair. Have you discovered any specific products or practices that have made a noticeable difference for you? Your emphasis on understanding one’s hair type and using suitable products is crucial. How do you recommend someone find the right products for their hair? Your tips can be a game-changer for many struggling with their hair care. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    1. admin says:

      You’re welcome! And yes, I’ve seen the impact on some products on my hair but I’ll make a full article dedicated to my hair routine so stay tuned!

  6. Jeff Brown says:

    I found your article on the importance of proper hair care very interesting to read. Being a guy I have always wondered how women have such beautiful hair compared to us guys.

    You have made taking care of your hair a science. I never realized there was so much to consider in taking proper care of your hair before now.

    Protecting your hair from damage was an education of its own for me. You have provided the ultimate hair care guide that I have ever read.

    To make this even more impressive and valuable, you provided your readers with a step-by-step plan.

    I liked how you included your recommended resources at the end of your article


    1. admin says:

      Thanks Jeff !

  7. Razvan says:

    This article about the importance of a proper hair care routine is spot on. The article beautifully emphasizes the significance of hair care not only for aesthetic reasons but also for overall health and self-esteem. The tailored approach to different hair types and the emphasis on personalization in hair care routines really resonated with me. Additionally, the practical tips on identifying hair types, understanding hair biology, and selecting the right products are incredibly useful. The article also highlights the psychological benefits of hair care, reinforcing it as a form of self-care. It’s a comprehensive and empowering read for anyone looking to enhance their hair care regimen. Highly recommended for its depth and practicality! Well done!

    1. admin says:

      Thanks !

  8. Stacie says:

    This is a great article I will have to share this with my daughter, she has a very hard time with her hair. 

    She looks at me and wants to scalp me, I have very long thick hair that I swear grows almost an inch a month. I used to donate every 5 years to Locks of Love, but then I started dying my hair and they did not want it after that.

    My daughter will need to pay special attention to the diet aspect of this article for sure, she eats worse than a trucker lol. She drinks water and a lot of it, but her diet… 

    We both only wash our hair about 2-3 times a week, with long hair, I personally do not recommend too much more washing than that. What is your opinion on that? I think it takes away the natural oils meant to soften the hair, if I am wrong, I would love to know honestly.

    Thanks for this awesome article, I am sending the link to my daughter now!


    1. admin says:

      Thanks Stacie ! You’re right not to wash your hair too often…

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