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7 Insanely Simple Tips To Boost Your Immunity

Hello lovelies!

The fall season is here! That means that the holidays are over…and that you must come back to real life.

Also, these implies that your sunny days where you were carefree are over. Now, you must fight colder days and the likeliness to be sick easily.

Consequently, you must protect your immune system at all costs. Indeed, a weal immune system makes you more vulnerable to infections. And that’s not what you want!

To help you with that, I’ve gathered a few tips to boost your immunity. Enjoy the ride!

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Eat the right foods


tips to boost your immunity foods


Did you know that your food intake had a direct correlation to your immunity level? Indeed, eating the right foods will decrease inflammation and fight against free radicals. Also, you must choose foods that stimulate your gut microbiome. Many studies have shown that a great network of gut bacteria helped fighting infections and harmful invader organisms in your body.

Consequently, you must not hesitate to add the following foods in your diet. Believe me, your immune system will thank you!

Fruits and vegetables:

  • oranges
  • green peppers
  • broccoli
  • kiwi
  • strawberries
  • carrots
  • melons
  • papaya
  • leafy greens
  • cantaloupe

Nuts and seeds:

  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • pistachios
  • pecan nuts
  • Brazil nuts

Healthy fats:

  • salmon
  • mackerel
  • sardines
  • avocados
  • chia seeds
  • flaxseeds
  • hemp seeds

Fermented foods/probiotics:

  • yoghurt
  • kefir
  • sauerkraut
  • kimchi
  • natto

Moreover, you can add bone broth to this immunity-boosting foods. First, it will help you heal your gut microbiome. And it will boost your collagen as well!

Move your body


tips to boost your immunity exercise


Exercise is a natural way to boost your immunity as well. And I’m not talking about prolonged exercise here. Rather, I’m advocating for daily moderate exercise.

Actually, some studies showed that moderate exercise could boost your immune system. For instance, exercise will educe inflammation and help your immune cells to regenerate easily. Also, it boosts the effectiveness of vaccines for people with weakened immune systems.

As a consequence, you must include moderate exercise in your daily routine to boost your immunity. Many experts recommend we aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Thus, that would mean you must exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week.

Moderate exercise includes brisk walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, or light hiking.

Elodie’s extra tips on exercise:

Indeed, you must perform moderate exercise every day. I don’t deny that. But I’m also a proponent of doing what you love, so you’re comfortable with yourself. Therefore, if you don’t like the examples of moderate exercise quoted in this article, do what you like! Never force yourself to do something you deeply dislike.

Also, I believe that you must work according to the climatic conditions in your country. For example, you won’t swim in the sea or walk outdoors when it’s very cold outside. Thus, you must be flexible and adapt your exercise routine.

For instance, if you enjoy yoga, Pilates, or HIIT, you can do it indoors. And you will have achieved your goal of 30 minutes of moderate exercise!

Manage your stress


tips to boost your immunity stress


Stress is one of the main enemies of your immune system. Indeed, in the long run, stress promotes cell inflammation and imbalances. Therefore, you must relieve stress and anxiety to boost your immune system.

To do so, the answer lies in self-care and mindfulness practices. And that’s where my new age/hotep side comes! Because I will enumerate several practices to manage your stress such as:

  • meditation
  • exercise, including yoga and Pilates
  • journaling
  • deep breathing
  • getting a facial
  • taking a warm bath with sea salt and herbs
  • reading a good book
  • laughing every day with your family and friends (or you can watch your favorite funny TV show)

Get some quality sleep


tips to boost your immunity sleep


Did you know that sleep quality and immunity were closely related?

Actually, getting the right amount of rest strengthens your immune system and fights against undesirable bacteria. On the contrary, poor quality sleep will lead to higher odds to catch an illness easily.

For example, a study was carried out on 164 adults. Those who slept less than 6 hours were more likely to catch a cold or a flu. On the other hand, those who slept more than 6 hours showed a better resistance to germs and harmful bacteria.

Therefore, you must be careful and get adequate sleep. For instance, adults must aim to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. However, if you have trouble to sleep easily, here are some tips I have for you:

  • go to bed at the same hour every night
  • do a total digital detox at least one hour before going to sleep
  • have a regular nighttime routine (bath, skincare…)
  • sleep in a totally dark room (or wear a sleep mask)

In a society where screens have invaded our lives, I believe that we must do a collective digital detox to win back our sleep patterns. What do you think of this idea?

Cut back on toxic habits


tips to boost your immunity toxics


Ah, those toxic habits that we can’t let go! Please leave tobacco, alcohol, processed foods, and unnatural sugars behind. Indeed, they weaken your natural defenses and increase your odds to be sick often. I know many of these toxic habits are a form of socializing. However, if you want to strengthen your immune system, you must make a choice today.

Therefore, this is what I advise if you want to boost your immunity:

  • stop smoking right now
  • limit your alcohol intake to one to two drinks per week; and drink red wine in particular
  • have the occasional treat here and there; but don’t take processed foods and sugar as your main foods in your daily lives

Think about specific herbs and supplements


tips to boost your immunity supplements


Since our food have become increasingly less nourishing over the years, many of us have turned to supplements to strengthen our daily vitamin intake. However, this is especially true in the Western world. For example, I’ve never seen my aunts getting vitamins in Cameroon! When they take vitamins, it’s always as a cure; or because the doctor said so.

Personally, I am not against supplements; I even take some of those I will present you here. Indeed, some studies have shown that certain supplements could boost your immune system. For instance, those supplements include:

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin D
  • zinc
  • elderberry
  • echinacea
  • garlic
  • curcuma

As for me, I rely on a multivitamin containing probiotics and minerals; and vitamin C-Ester. In particular, I recommend Garden of Life’s Vitamin Code for Women and Vitamin C 1000 mg by Solgar.

Get your vaccines in check


tips to boost your immunity vaccines


Vaccines are very important to teach your immune system how to make antibodies and fight infections. Therefore, you must check with your doctor if your vaccines are updated. Don’t forget to renew your vaccines according to the disease (it’s generally at least every 5 to 10 years).

Bonus: wash your hands regularly


tips to boost your immunity wash your hands


If there’s one habit that the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, that would be to wash your hands regularly. Indeed, washing your hands will help you get rid of harmful germs before your body even has to fight them. Therefore, you must aim to wash your hands with soap and clean water for at least 20 seconds.

However, if you don’t have access to water and soap, then you can rely on a hand sanitizer. But it won’t be as effective as soap and water. Indeed, it doesn’t get rid of all the germs and other bad bacteria for your body.

But this is a useful thing to have in your bag nowadays, especially if you eat outside often. I would suggest you choose a sanitizer with less than 60% of alcohol as it will be gentle to your skin.

Summary: how to boost your immunity naturally


tips to boost your immunity 2


My tips to boost your immunity are quite simple, natural, and quite cheap. You’ll just have to follow the following advice:

  • eat foods full of antioxidants, healthy fats, and probiotics
  • exercise regularly
  • manage your stress effectively with self-care and mindfulness
  • get quality sleep
  • cut back on alcohol, tobacco, and unnatural foods
  • take the right immunity-boosting supplements
  • get your vaccines in check
  • wash your hands regularly

If you follow these simple tips, I can assure you that your immune system will be grateful to you. Apply them and come testify on my website later!

Well that’s all for today! What do you think of my tips to boost your immunity? Do you already apply some of them in your daily routine? Feel free to share in the comments!

Take care!

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  1. Michel says:

    Looking after your immune system is important, especially if you don’t want to fall victim to various illnesses. I have always know that certain fruits and veggies help in this regard, but I didn’t realize that stress also plays an important role as well as keeping up a good self care and exercise routine. Do you have any suggestions for good brands of vitamins to ingest to help our immune systems?

    1. Yes I recommend Solgar and Garden of Life in my article

  2. Thomas says:

    Great tips for boosting immunity! I appreciate the practical advice you’ve shared here. Eating the right foods, staying active with moderate exercise, managing stress, and getting quality sleep are all essential for a strong immune system. And your point about cutting back on toxic habits is a reminder we all need. Thanks for the valuable insights!

    1. You’re welcome !

  3. Dierdre says:

    Some very solid information in this post. Having a strong immune system can come naturally, not everyone has that.  But you can get seriously I’ll for any reason if you don’t take care of yourself. Of course the common cold can get anyone.  This article gives great advice on eating well, sleeping well and exercising.  The information about herbs and supplements, hand hygiene rounds out the advice.  A very interesting article


    1. Thank you Deedee!

  4. Dave Sweney says:

    Thanks for this timely and thorough article covering 7 insanely simple tips to boost immunity. I know that most of us, in our rush to take care of all the tasks we have set for ourselves daily, often forget to take care of task one which is our own self! I have seen this again and again in others, and have done the same myself.

    To get the most out of life, we need to be in the best condition to take it all in and get the enjoyment it can bring. So I very much agree with each and every area that you have covered and advised on. Most certainly I will reevaluate and make some needed adjustments for myself (and recommend to others that they do the same!).  

    Immediately, I know that two areas that I need to address are exercising regularly (I am always too busy?) and getting quality sleep (too much to do, too little time to do it syndrome?). Having read through this post I am committed to actively focusing on improving both of these areas in my life. Great tips!

    1. Thanks for your comment!

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